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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The secret of a woman's handabag

All over the world there is an air of mystique attached to the woman's handbag. From the sleek leather handbags to the messenger bags for women, one can always sense that air of mystery.

Boys grow up to learn that the contents of a woman's handbag are private, and as grown men, would never dare to peek into the bag of a woman , no matter how much they wanted to. It's not just about the inside of the bag.

The outside of the bag is just as important. The ultimate style statement, the bag reflects the woman's style for that day. It could be high class chic or laid back bliss, but it's not complete without an appropriate tote. Many celebrities make a huge style faux pas by carrying the wrong bag with their ensemble, and some have never really managed to redeem themselves.

Receptacles of all her treasures, a handbag is a woman's best friend- until she can't fin her keys. Then all hell breaks loose and a bystander would definitely wonder if perhaps, the thing the woman can't seem to find are her anger management pills! But as soon as she finds them, everything is back to normal and the bystander wonders if it was actually the bipolar meds she missed!

Jokes aside, as bags get bigger, it's quite common for important things like keys,mobiles and even office swipe-in cards seem to go missing...just when they are needed the most. Men often refer to a woman's bag as the big blackhole , for it's amazing powers to suck everything in without a hope of anything being retrieved. Fortunately bags that have a few pockets like messenger bags for women , help a woman designate compartments for things like keys, mobiles and her purse. Until , of course, she is in a hurry and stuffs everything in and runs.

The man's interest in the woman's bag finally found some respite thanks to Pierre Klein. A French photographer and video-maker, Klien was intrigued when a friend tripped and spilled the contents of her bag. It started him on a journey to understand better a woman's relationship with her bag and more importantly, the contents inside her bag. To Klien's surprise, many women would get quite serious and sometimes even emotional while describing the contents in her bag. Many things meant more to a woman than just that which met the eye. Some, like a candle were symbols of luck, while others were symbols of remembrance.

Thanks to Klien, women and men now truly realise just how powerful the woman's handbag is. Some woman refer to it as their house, since they carry everything they need in it. Others enjoy hoarding everything they deem important in it. Including year old receipts and chocolate wrappers. The fear of losing a bag or it being stolen looms large over every woman. Those who have experienced this feel like they have lost a part of themselves and will always miss those special items that disappeared with the bag.

Klien may have tried , but he still only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding the secret of the woman's bag. It still continues to be a mystery , one that unites women and intrigues men!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cleaning like a boss

If I was Cinderella, my fairy tail would sound like this:
Cleaning is my least favorite activity. I hate it from the bottom of my heart. It is the most annoying house hold chore.
The purpose of cleaning defeats me. I mean, why clean something while it will become dirty all over again?

I have hated cleaning ever since I was child. It was the punishment we were given my parents whenever we misbehaved. To this day, I still think of cleaning as a punishment. The very idea of thinking about cleaning, lowers my morale and drains my energy. Thinking about cleaning darkens my day. I am always looking for an excuse to avoid it. Whenever I get a chance to hire somebody to do the cleaning for me, I do it promptly.

It is a very disgusting job. You have to use detergents that smell awful. Your hands have to come into contact with greasy stains, that you have to scrub off. When washing utensils, you have to touch disgusting remains of food. Some of the cleaning agents, like breach, leave the house with a bad odor.

Cleaning the toilet is particularly horrendous. Human excrement is not enticing to the eye. When it comes to toilet cleaning, my duties extend as far flushing. Anything beyond flushing is done by my husband, who does not mind cleaning the toilet (thank God the opposites attract!). If he is not within the vicinity, then I hire a woman from the neighborhood to do the job.

I am also allergic to dust. Most of the house hold items that require to be cleaned are dusty. If I come into contact with dust I start coughing or sneezing. Some of the cleaning products have the capability to cause damage to eyes, nails, and skin. I particularly hate how cleaning ruins my manicure. It makes my nail polish to chip off and breaks my nails. Cleaning agents make my skin dry and sensitive.

It is tiresome and monotonous. It takes a lot of time and energy. It involves pushing and pulling objects, such as furniture, which can be quite heavy and strenuous. It sometimes requires bending and moving from place to place. After you finish cleaning, you then have to arrange or rearrange the things. My mother used to say, that cleaning is the best form of exercise, but I can't tolerate torturing myself in the name of cleaning. If I want to exercise, I can always go to the gym. Besides the long hours spent cleaning can be used for socializing with friends and families. Cleaning our house can take an entire weekend (we have to take constant breaks because of my unwillingness to clean and my husband does most of the work anyway). During such weekends we don't go out. The long hours required by cleaning make me sick. If only all household items were disposable!!!

Vacuum cleaning and washing windows take the lion share of my hatred for cleaning. The noise generated by the vacuum cleaner irritates me. It is loud, awful and obnoxious and it makes me feel like running out of my house. It freaks my dog out and makes me feel like I can smash the vacuum cleaner . Can't they make silent vacuum cleaners? Both bag and bag less vacuum cleaners don't work for me. As for bag less vacuum cleaners you have to empty the plastic bucket and come into contact with the gross dirt and filth. There is no dust-control and the dust flies all over the place. As for bag vacuum cleaners, you have to empty dirtier and even more disgusting bags from the vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners are time consuming, cumbersome and energy sapping. I once asked my husband to get me one of those robotic vacuum cleaners. If he would do so, my love for him would multiply tenfold.

Washing windows is a Herculean task. I am short and the hassle of climbing windows does not appeal to me. There is nothing I loathe more in this world than using paper towels, spraying the glass, and wiping so as to dry the window and remove the streaks, only to realize the other side is full of streaks. I avoid washing windows for as long as I can.

Honestly, cleaning should be banned. It involves abuse of basic human rights.

Yeah right... Don't tell me you believed a word I said? This sounds like Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives...
Of course I clean everything. And of course my husband doesn't clean the toilet. But I like to go to this imaginary world of mine from time to time...
And now I'm back. And off to clean the house!

Friday, 19 April 2013

How to Enjoy The Terrible Two Phase

As a mom, I know that two year old kids can be hard to deal with. I myself have suffered through enough tantrums and tears with my 2 and a half year old kid over the last few months to understand why parents refer to this stage as the 'terrible twos'.
Let's be honest here, anyone who tells you that this phase in your toddles life isn't terrible at times is lying! My little one seems to say "NO!" to everything some days. I also have nightmares about going to the grocery store with her in-case she starts demanding sweets and creating a scene (yep, she's mortified me in the past by doing this!). 
However, despite all of this drama, I recently decided that I am going to do my best to embrace and enjoy my girl's terrible two phase! Yes, I know that may sound crazy to some people! After all, when your little one is yelling and stamping their feet demanding an expensive toy in the shops, it's hard to imagine enjoying this phase! However, these years go by so quickly and you will (probably!) miss them when your child heads off to school, so I for one am going to embrace these 'terrible' years!
To me, there are three key things a parent needs to do to enjoy the terrible twos. Firstly, try to see things from your child's point of view when they are acting out. Secondly, choose your battles carefully! Finally, and most importantly, have a sense of humor! I'll try to describe how I've applied these three strategies by telling you about a little incident we had the other day!
Last Saturday, I've searched Internet for some cute girls shirts and I bought my gorgeous little girl a new blue striped shirt at Billylids fashion storeto wear to her cousin's birthday party. I thought her face would light up as I presented her with the adorable top. Well, I was COMPLETELY wrong- her face didn't light up- it actually turned red with anger. She didn't want to wear her new outfit. Instead, she wanted to wear a grubby old top that featured a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front, "But I wuv Mickey!" she wailed at the top of her lungs.

I was having none of it, I scolded her and told her she was being bold as she cried and screamed. She was upset and I was irritated. Then I realized I was being stupid. Who cared if she wanted to wear her old Mickey Mouse top? I looked at things from her point of view and realized that she wasn't refusing to wear her lovely, newly-bought top to annoy me; she simply wanted to wear her Mickey Mouse top because she really loves Mickey! Once I looked at things from that point of view, my anger disappeared. I decided that I didn't need to battle her over this and I let her wear chosen top to the party. She was delighted when I let her wear the top. I got loads of hugs and kisses and she had a great time at the party! Sadly, raggedy old top didn't look good in photographs from the party- but she did look happy and I hope that I can look at those photos with her when she is older and laugh at this outfit, stubbornness and Mickey Mouse obsession!
I'm not saying that the terrible twos are easy or that you should give in every time that your little one throws a tantrum! I'm just saying that sometimes things are easier if you look at things from your child's point of view and try to be understanding. Two-year old kids are still highly dependent on their parents but they are also striving to be their own, independent person. It's hard to deal with them at times but the hugs and kisses we are rewarded with really make the effort worthwhile.
I wouldn't trade my girl for the world. She is adorable, smiley and super-affectionate most of time. Sure we annoy each other at times, but she thinks the world of her mummy and daddy and we think the world of her! So my advice is this- try to have a sense of humor and cherish your child's terrible twos (yes- even the tantrums!). This phase won't last long and if you play it the right way you'll have some great memories to look back on when your toddler is all grown up!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Effective Ways to Lose Weight

Trying to lose all of these extra pounds that I gained during my pregnancy was not as easy as I thought it would be. I tried a couple of ways to lose some weight. I am really willing to do whatever it takes just to be fit again. To look sexy is just my secondary reason to achieve this goal, since I believe that true beauty and sexiness comes from within. I am hard up in working my way around. This is the primary reason that pushes me to lose weight. So I did some research on the internet to find the most effective method on losing weight. Here are the techniques that I tried.


This was the first option that I tried because it did not require any equipment. I have a pair of running shoes, jogging pants, and a tank top so I was good to go. I woke up at five in the morning, did some stretching, grabbed a water bottle, and I went for my first jog. According to my research, you can burn thirteen calories per minute in a normal jog. Not bad at all, right? I warmed up with a five-minute brisk walk, jogged for an hour, then cooled down with a five-minute brisk walk again. Jogging outdoors, especially if your area is surrounded by trees, can really freshen up the entire body. Expect body aches during the first days but you'll get the hang of it. I jogged for a month, but it was the rainy season already so I had to find an alternative.

Jumping Rope

Skipping rope makes you lose ten calories per minute. Plus, you can do this indoors. Put on your jogging outfit and start skipping. It took me awhile to perfect this. It needed a hand and foot coordination, though it seems so simple but it really wasn't. I did some stretching before jumping and cooling down exercises after. This also works out the cardio like jogging. I only stopped this because I woke my sleeping family with the vibrating floor early in the morning.

Vegetarian Diet

I eliminated the meat in my diet because it is a source of cholesterol. I lessened carbohydrates and sweets because it contributed to the fat in my body that I was trying to eliminate. Goodbye to sodas and flavored drinks too. It was all water, fresh fruit juice, vegetable salad, fruits, and meat substitutes and tofu whenever I had the craving for meat. As a source of protein, broccoli, spinach, and legumes are the healthy way to have it. Until now, I am still a vegetarian and it works for me well.

I accompany these exercises and diet with a slimming shake. I want to keep the process all natural as possible, so I check the ingredients first before buying one. Right now, I am looking into entering weight loss programs and signing up on a gym. I am just waiting for the right time since I also need to focus on my kids. But with enough will and conviction, I am sure that any method of losing weight will work perfectly.

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